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        Professional service


        Stock Code of Holding Company:603322

        National Free Service Hotline:400-962-5060

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        • Consultation and cooperation

          Lifelong Maintenance of Saled Goods

        • Annual insurance service

          Lifelong Maintenance of Saled Goods

        • Maintenance Center

          Lifelong Maintenance of Saled Goods

        • Technical support

          Lifelong Maintenance of Saled Goods

        • After-sale service

          Lifelong Maintenance of Saled Goods

        Technology Engineering

        Professional Guidance Training to Improve Operational Efficiency

        Development and Implementation

        Debugging and Installation of Professional and Technical Personnel

        conceptual design

        Provide you with the most intimate solution based on customer site

        Continuous optimization

        Regular update, optimization and promotion

        On-line operation

        Tracking Records and Perfecting Operation

        Product recommendation

        Do the most efficient work at the lowest cost

        customer demand

        Analysis of Project Software Service+Consultant Management

        Expert Technical Consultation 020-35915699
        Online Network Answer Click Consultation

        Guangzhou headquarters

        Service hotline:020-35915666


        Address:One Floor, 4 Building, Hongtai Wisdom Valley, 17 Sicheng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

        Beijing Branch

        Service hotline:400-962-5060

        Address:Room 2505, Block A, Guorong International, Wanyuan Street, Daxing District, Beijing

        Shanghai Branch

        Service hotline:400-962-5060

        Address: Room 1903, Yuanmao Jinhao Building, 1018 Xikang Road, Putuo, Shanghai

        Shenzhen Branch

        Service hotline:400-962-5060

        Address:3A, 3rd floor, 870 Meilong Avenue, Longhua District, Shenzhen

        Dongguan Branch

        Service hotline:400-962-5060

        Address:A223, 186 Qifeng Road, Dongguan City

        Focus on official Wechat

        Friendship link(holding company)Guangdong Super Telecom Co.,Ltd

        (Stock code:SH.603322)


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