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        Connectek Volume Measurement system helps Huawei build Intelligent Logistics Warehouse

        Conlida has successfully applied its self-developed "big brother-volume measurement system" to Huawei, which ranks 12th in the world's top 500 companies, to help it build intelligent logistics warehousing. 
        As a leading brand of volume measurement in China, Conlida has successfully deployed volume measurement products and solutions to JD.com and Shunfeng. Conlida has once again successfully held hands with Huawei and distributed warehouses around the world.Deployment of the next generation of "big brother-volume measurement system", Huawei Panama warehouse, Huawei India warehouse, Huawei South Africa warehouse has been successfully implemented online. Through this system, Huawei can accurately measure and collect the volume and weight of goods, and provide a solid and reliable data guarantee for Huawei global warehousing in warehouse area selection, vehicle loading calculation, third-party cost settlement and so on. Conlida has set up a special research and development team for Huawei's project, which provides a package of solutions for a variety of irregular and oversized goods in Huawei warehouses, with a button to quickly collect the volume, weight, pictures and environment of the goods. 
        Editor is not only a fan of Ren Zhengfei, but also a fan of Huawei. In the face of the US trade embargo, Xiaobian and Guanxinhua, like all friends of fate, expressed support and cheered Huawei on. Huawei is like a lonely traveler, experiencing pain and Nirvana in no man's land.But Xiaobian would like to say that as a leader in China's communications industry, the pride of national enterprises, Huawei's way forward is not alone, we are side by side, silently cheering for Huawei, to help Huawei. 
        Ren Zhengfei and Huawei employees' hard-working and self-improvement entrepreneurial spirit has deeply influenced a generation. The Conlida people have vowed to turn the "Big Niu Brother-Volume Measurement system" into a boutique in China's industry, like Huawei's mobile phones and communications products, famous all over the world, serving the world, and becoming the most valuable technology product in the world.


        Big Niu Brother Series-weighing and scanning Code Integrated system. 
        (large package\ tray\ whole board)

        Measurement accuracy: ±10 mm. 

        Measurement time: < 3s. 

        Measurement range: 100*100*50~2500*2500*2500mm. 

        Manual scanning: wireless scanning gun. 

        Upper computer: separate workstation. 

        Electronic weighing: electronic weighing. 

        Electronic weighing accuracy: ±100g 1 to 3000. 

        Data interface: customized development of docking program according to demand


        Optimize the transport line




        About the Connectek

        Guangdong Connectek IOT Tech Co., Ltd. (holding company stock code: 603322) is a comprehensive operator dedicated to providing customers with intelligent data acquisition solutions for the Internet of things. 

        Conlida volume measurement system, we specialize in customized design for customers in the logistics industry, one action, one second time, perfect collection of volume, weight, bar code information, for logistics enterprises "reborn" upgrade and transformation. Conlida has customers in e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, retail, health care, finance, government and other industries. More than 5000 customers around the world enjoy the high-quality service of Conlida.Conlida has won the recognition and praise of our customers for providing customized technical solutions. In the future, we will continue to focus on the logistics industry, committed to "make delivery smoother", will continue to meet the diversified needs of customers, and provide rapid customization and development services. Provide more intelligent products and solutions to customers in the global logistics industry to ensure rapid and high-quality delivery and create higher value for customers.

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