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        Connectek Union helps Guangzhou Metro Diversified payment

        With the rapid development of today, the application of science and technology makes life more and more convenient. As the main mode of transportation in Guangzhou, the flow of people in Guangzhou is increasing. In order to enable people to travel more quickly and effectively, from early coin buying to mobile payment, however, as soon as it reaches the rush hour, The problem of overcrowding in Guangzhou Metro is still a big problem. As the operator of the intelligent data acquisition scheme of the Internet of things, Connectek Internet of things has been committed to the research and development, application and promotion of intelligent acquisition technology, actively helping Guangzhou Metro gate diversified payment, to solve the current problems.

        In the past, I often forgot to bring my Yangcheng pass card. As soon as I got into the subway, the whole person's mind was blank. I had to wait in a long line to buy a ticket to the self-service plane. The road to and from work was too long, but now even if I forgot to bring my card, I don't have to sigh nervously. Because we can use our cell phones to scan the code and pay quickly through the subway gate.Connectek  provides a fixed wide-angle two-dimensional image scanner for subway gate entry applications, which can scan all kinds of two-dimensional codes, and it is of moderate size, so it can be easily embedded in various devices such as subway gates as a bar code reading component. It has excellent scanning performance for the QR code of the mobile phone screen, especially for the highly reflective mobile phone screen. It not only brings a better customer experience for Guangzhou Metro, but also improves the diversified payment methods of Guangzhou Metro, and lays a solid foundation for the fine service and operation of passengers.

        As the operator of the intelligent data acquisition scheme of the Internet of things, Conlida intelligent data acquisition technology can effectively improve passenger efficiency and provide passengers with a more convenient and diversified experience. At the same time, reduce the operating cost, comprehensively improve the service quality and brand image of Guangzhou Metro, and help Guangzhou Metro to set up the national operation benchmark again. To achieve the double improvement of Guangzhou subway operation efficiency and service level, and continue to help Guangzhou subway lead the national and even global innovation.

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        Address:A223, 186 Qifeng Road, Dongguan City

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